Americans are still the world’s largest consumers.  If we could all just buy 5% more of our annual purchases on USA made products, then we can create a million new jobs!  For every $1 spent on American made products, $1.35 is added to our economy.  For every one manufacturing job created in America, three to five more American jobs are created.

Top Reasons to Buy American:

Promotes a Strong Economy
  • saves jobs
  • creates jobs
  • keeps money in America
Safe, Quality Products
  • regulated safety standards
  • higher quality workmanship in most cases
Environmental Impact Lessened
  • environmental laws in place
  • contamination oversight & regulations
  • lack of regulations in other countries
Human Rights through Worker Regulations
  • child labor laws in place
  • minimum wage requirements
Conservation of Natural Resources
  • less shipping; less fossil fuels used
Strengthen American Communities
  • provides security
  • protects our way of life
  • protects our independence

Because You Can