Why Buy American?

Why Buy American?

If you searched out this site, you probably have a pretty good idea of why to buy USA made products.  Let’s review some points just in case you stumbled upon this site.

If you are an American consumer, it is logical to buy American made products to support the economy that you are part of.  When you buy American made products, you are supporting the American economy and creating jobs in your wake.  Depending on what industry you work in, your livelihood may actually depend on consumers buying American made products, since not only are manufacturing jobs created, but a myriad of other jobs fall in line after the manufacturing of the product.  There is packaging to be made, storage, and shipping; there are also the machines and buildings used in the manufacturing of American made products– all of those need to be maintained and occasionally replaced.  It is believed that for every one manufacturing job created, there are five other jobs created such as truck drivers, accountants and other clerical managers, research and development scientists, and maintenance workers.  Because of this ratio, the loss of 5.5 million manufacturing jobs in America has resulted in a total of 30 million job losses, all due to the factories moving overseas.

When manufacturing first became popular in third world countries, it was explained to consumers that we are helping the world’s people put food on the table.  Now we are of the understanding that working conditions in these places are poor and unregulated.  Most of these global manufacturing districts allow underage workers, provide very low wages, and have no laws governing working conditions, so the workers, including children, spend long hours without breaks in polluted air, which eventually leads to cancer, exhaustion, and other health concerns.  Most over-seas workers cannot even afford the products that they are helping to produce!

It is also good to avoid imported products due to the impact on our environment, and the cost of fuel.  Shipping causes pollution and is a strain on this earth’s natural resources, driving up the price of oil as more and more is consumed and our supply is further reduced.  The burning of these diminishing fossil fuels are also sending unnecessary emissions into our world’s air, further destroying our tenuous ozone layer.  Most third world manufactures have little in the way of laws that protect the environment, so the products that you buy that are not made in the USA could be slowly killing the workers that make them, and grossly polluting the areas that they live in.  These factories are leaching heavy metals and chemical contaminants into the surrounding soil and the local water supplies.

When you buy American made products, you know that you are receiving a quality product, that has been regulated by agencies to make sure that the product is safe for you to enjoy, use, or consume.  You know that the environmental impact is less than those products produced in unregulated countries and shipped over.  You know that the workers that made your product are living a higher quality of life than the over-sees workers due to intense working regulations and minimum wage requirements.  You know that you are doing your part to create and sustain jobs for Americans, including possibly your own job.  That is just the icing on the cake.  There are many more reasons for buying goods made in the USA.

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  1. It is not only possible for manufacturing to lead the recovery of the U.S. with growth and hiring, it is a necessity. To help achieve a sustained economic recovery, our country needs a consumer-led commitment to buying American-made products, which supports American manufacturing jobs and employment.

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