The Cat’s Pajamas Keep Jobs in the US

The Cat’s Pajamas Keep Jobs in the US

In the 1920’s, the phrase “the cat’s pajamas” was coined to describe something or someone that was extremely cool, excellent, or the best, often associated with style or innovation, so it would be appropriate that incredibly comfortable and stylish pajamas that are hand stitched in the US would be called the same.  The Cat’s Pajamas is a relatively small company that employs eighty people in the San Francisco bay area to cut and sew 100% cotton flannel pajamas with interesting and whimsical prints.

The Cat's Pajamas Vintage Kittens Women's Cotton Pajama American Made
The Cat’s Pajamas Vintage Kittens Women’s Cotton Pajama

The Cat’s Pajamas company was founded in 1998 by best friends and Berkeley residents, Jenny Maxwell and Lynn Deregowski, whom met at Stanford University and shared a love for comfy pajamas.  They also shared a passion for supporting local community, and keeping jobs in the US; hence the modest company grew in the San Francisco bay area.  The company and it’s novel products gained notoriety when it’s conspicuous sushi-print PJ’s were worn by TV stars Debra Messing on “Will and Grace” and Sarah Michelle Gellar on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.  The company garnered further attention when it’s products were featured on “Entertainment Tonight”.

The Cat's Pajamas Women's Wasabi Sushi Cotton Flannel Pajama American Made
The Cat’s Pajamas Women’s Wasabi Sushi Cotton Flannel Pajama

Lynn was interviewed by China Ate My Jeans blogger Tina Pollito in 2011, and Lynn is cited as saying that for her, it is important to know your workers and to have first hand quality control over your product.  She says that it was easy to find skilled workers in the USA to create her product, and that the cost of keeping her company in America was not a problem.

Since their first TV appearance, The Cat’s Pajamas have been seen multiple times on various TV shows.  They have been on “30 Rock” numerous times, worn by Tina Fey, popularizing the cupcake-print PJ line.  They had several more appearances on “Will and Grace” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, worn again by Gellar, as well as Alyson Hannigan.  They were worn by Michelle Williams on “Dawson’s Creek”, Kim Woodburn on British reality show “How Clean is Your House?”, Alexis Bledel on “Gilmore Girls”, Selena Gomez, and Alison Brie on “Community”.  The June 2013 issue of GQ magazine featured a spread of a family modeling The Cat’s Pajamas’ sushi-print PJ line.

The Cat's Pajamas Cupcake Women's Cotton Pajama as seen on "30 Rock" American Made
The Cat’s Pajamas Cupcake Women’s Cotton Pajama as seen on “30 Rock” American Made

Besides sushi and cupcakes, there are many other fun prints to choose from, such as the Eiffel Tower, crossword puzzles, lovebirds, vintage owls, Japanese style cherry blossoms, snow globes, penguins, and of course, cats!  The recently added men’s line includes prints featuring baseballs, golf balls, footballs, cowboys, and mustaches.  This is only a peek at the extensive, zany catalog of pajamas and accessories.  And, best yet, they are Made in the USA!!!

The Cat's Pajamas Men's Mustache Cotton Pajama Pants American Made
The Cat’s Pajamas Men’s Mustache Cotton Pajama Pant

(Disclaimer: The cotton flannel line, which comprises most of the company’s product, is produced in the USA; Some of the knit line is produced in Peru.)


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