Accu-Gage Bicycle Gauge for Presta Valve - American Made

Accu-Gage Bicycle Gauge for Presta Valve

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Product Description

Use the AccuGage tire pressure gauge for accurate pressure reads. Measures up to 160 PSI. Specify to fit Presta or Schrader valves.

G.H. Meiser & Co., founded in 1906, has a long history of quality manufacturing in the tire gauge and accessory field. Known for their spot on precision and rugged construction, the Accu-Gage line of tire gauges is a standout in an often-unreliable field. All of our products come backed with our standard lifetime warranty, whether it be for replacement parts, or complete recalibration.

  • Right angle chuck with pushbutton release valve or straight chuck
  • Dual scale 160 psi, 11kg/cm2
  • Compact design fits easily into handlebar or seat packs
  • Helps to fine tune tire pressure for the ultimate in performance
  • Every gauge is tested for accuracy to within .25% of the scale
  • Made in the USA


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