Francis 300-CB26B Black 5.5' Hot Rod CB Antenna American Made

Francis 300-CB26B Black 5.5′ Hot Rod CB Antenna

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This is the Hot Rod of CB Antenna’s. Not only does it have the Francis Antenna name, but it’s made of a custom fiberglass formula for durability and flexibility. The Francis Antenna 300-CB26B measures 66″ in length, and is 225 watts rated. Its features the traditional sleek style that reduces wind drag load. Each individual antenna has a pre-tuned unique top cap design for maximum performance.

  • 3/8″ – 24 Chromed Brass Ferrule
  • Black Double Quarter Wave Fiberglass CB Antenna Whip
  • Threaded Base Accepts All Standard Antenna Mounts
  • Exclusive Double Helical Winding
  • Made In the USA


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