Home Logic 2-Bushel Lamper, White - Made in America

Home Logic 2-Bushel Lamper, White

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This Home Logic 2-Bushel Lamper combines the best of two worlds. It features a wide base like a laundry basket and the tall sides and capacity of a hamper. It is made of polypropylene, providing for longer use, and its large-capacity size makes it easier to store more of your dirty clothes. This unique Home Logic hamper offers a practical solution for your laundry storage needs.
Home Logic 2-Bushel Lamper, White:

  • The original “lamper”
  • Wide base of a laundry basket with the tall sides of a hamper
  • White Home Logic laundry basket is made of polypropylene
  • Dimensions: 21.63″L x 16.96″W x 18.86″H
  • Made in the USA


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