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The Secret of Making a Better Tougher Grill Brush

There are better ways to produce Grill Brushes that Work! Tuff-Built Grill Brushes clean better and actually last for years.
The secret is in the thickness of the brass bristles and how well the Grill Brush is manufactured.
-The Tuff-Built Grill Brush is manufactured by an industrial brush company located in a small town in Ohio. It is one of the many “industrial” brushes that the company makes.
-One satisfied customer has had his Tuff-Built Grill Brush for over five years. He says it is still going strong and he uses it 2-3 times a week. Also, a user wrote in and said that she “adores” her Tuff-Built Grill Brush.
-The Tuff-Built secret is that the brass bristles are much thicker and much longer than the cheaper imports.
-Because there are more brass bristles; it means that more of the grill surface area is covered by the brush when cleaning your grill. More bristles are “touching” your grill.
-These Brass Bristles will not harm Teflon, Porcelain and Chrome-Plated Grills.
-You do not want to VOID YOUR GRILL WARRANTY with Steel Brush Bristles!
-Because of the sturdy design, this Grill Brush can get in between the groves with very little effort. A skinny handle or even a wire handle tend to bend and make it more difficult to really clean your grill. The Tuff-Built will not bend.
-Join the thousands of satisfied users who have been cleaning their grills with a Tuff-Built Grill Brush.

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