RFID Blocking Sleeves - Kard Bodyguard® RFID Credit Card Sleeves Stop Unauthorized RFID Scans, Protects Your Personal Info From Thieves Stealing Your ID - 10 RFID Credit Card Protectors Included for ATM, Credit, Debit, ID, CAC Cards - Made in America

Kard Bodyguard® RFID Credit Card Sleeves

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Product Description

  • PROTECT YOURSELF AND POTENTIALLY SAVE THOUSANDS IN LOSSES – Protect yourself against identity theft, electronic pickpocketing, being skimmed or read by unauthorized hackers, literally shield your card-based data from electromagnetic interference. Stop the crooks before you are hacked. Avoid the problems of re-establishing your credit and identity by using these RFID sleeves. Did you know that it costs the average victim of identity theft around $6000 to restore their identity and good credit once stolen?
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE – Valuable and inexpensive product insurance against identity theft – Many people do not know this but RFID chips can be scanned from several feet away beyond the line of sight -Fits most standard wallets. No need for a special wallet, bag or purse when you use these. Will not become embossed with the card number. Protects all magnetic strips and EMV chips from wear and tear too. Protect yourself in public places – next-generation devices can read the information in your wallet without even touching it.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST IDENTITY THEFT – No matter what you call them RFID blocking sleeve pack, RFID blocking sleeves, RFID sleeves, credit card rfid blocking sleeves – The Kard Bodyguard® RFID blocking sleeve pack will help you protect your Identity from electronic pickpockets! RFID blocking sleeves for contactless Smart Cards, credit cards, e-passports, Employee IDs, drivers licenses, License cards, Access Control Cards, Medical cards, Library, Gym and Membership cards, Parking passes, Emerging Technologies, etc and cash cards bearing the RFID symbol.
  • FLEXIBLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE and WATERPROOF – Ultra thin to fit in your wallet – Share them with friends and family members. Great travel accessories – especially if you spend time vacationing or living overseas. Great stocking stuffers or gift idea. Tear-resistant, water-resistant material.

RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves – Protect Your Identity, Credit, Debit, ATM, ID, Common Access, Smartcards and Passports

Did you know that identity theft happens about every 3 seconds?


STOP Identity Thieves Now – RFID blocking sleeves for credit cards can

• Protect yourself against identity theft,

• Protect yourself against unauthorized access to your personal information


Our RFID sleeves are designed to Block RFID readers (preventing the detection of RFID smart cards at 13.56 MHz) from skimming your cards without your knowledge –

• They can be used in your existing wallets – no need to buy something new,

• They also protect the magnetic strip from scratches, and are tear and water resistant,

• This Kard Bodyguard RFID blocking sleeve pack contains 10 individual RFID sleeves ,

• Share them with friends and family members – they make great gifts and stocking stuffers too!


Proudly Made in the U.S.A.


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