Kiscords Safety cabinet Locks for Handles 2 American Made

Kiscords Safety cabinet Locks for Handles

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Try these simple to use cabinet locks and you’ll love them. They are effective at keeping small children out of cabinets, yet simple to use for an adult. They install quickly and easily, without drilling or sticky adhesives that could damage your expensive cabinets. They fit all cabinets with side-by-side straight handles up to 7 inches apart. (If you have round knobs, check out our other product designed specifically for that application). They install in seconds via the simple zip-tie mounting strap, and remain attached to the handles for as long as you need them. When you no longer need them, simply cut the straps to remove. They are available in both white and black colors. Check our other listing for additional color selection. Also, check out our demonstration video at “Kiscords” on YouTube

  • Attach these small buckles to any cabinets having side-by-side straight handles between 1-5/8 to 7 inches apart. Have knobs? See our other product designed specifically for side-by-side round knobs. Also, view our instructional video on YouTube. Just type in “Kiscords” and click on the instructional video for handles.
  • Simple zip-tie attachment mechanism takes just seconds to install. They remain permanently attached to your handles so they are always there when you need them. Use them for as long as needed, then just cut off to remove.
  • No drilling, no adhesive, no damage to cabinets.
  • Simple buckle design is easy for adults to open, but too difficult for small children. To open them easily, just simply press the buckle release with one hand, while simultaneously pulling the handle to open the cabinet door wtih the other hand.
  • They are available in white and black colors and are the smallest lock on the market. They are made from very durable safe nylon, and are proudly made in the USA


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