Lumber Jack Tools TRH2000 2in Home Series Tenon Cutter - Made in America

Lumber Jack Tools TRH2000 2in Home Series Tenon Cutter

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Product Description

Cut those large 2 tenon joints on bed or hand rails, table and bench legs or any project that requires a strong joint. This medium-duty, large joint cutter is perfect for making structural joints on indoor and outdoor projects. Perfect for homeowners, hobbyists and occasion users. Made in the USA.

• Dual Blade Cutting Technology, Durable, Powder Coated Finish
• Die Cast A380 Aluminum Body, Hardened, Precision Ground High Carbon Tool Steel Blades
• Blades can be Re-sharpened or Replaced, Threaded Replaceable Shank

About Lumberjack Tools

Lumberjack Tools was founded in the historic lumber region of the St. Croix & Chippewa River Valleys of Northern Wisconsin. Their mission is to design and manufacture the highest quality log working tools and equipment. Lumberjack Tools are users of their tools and they meet the highest standard for functionality, performance and ease-of-use. The innovative tool design starts with design for manufacturing & assembly (DFMA), Solid Modeling CAD software, CNC manufacturing systems and in-process quality controls.

By using premium American made raw materials, they ensure that each and every tool will deliver the cutting requirements youd expect. These precision tools are used by homeowners,hobbyists, craftsmen, professional contractors and log home builders to create rustic indoor and outdoor furniture, railings, crafts and fencing. Each of their tools are designed to deliver a lifetime of worry-free usage when properly maintained.

Lumberjack Tools is a family owned and operated business driven by the high quality, value and customer service. Their tools are proudly manufacturer, assembled and shipped from Wisconsin. They carefully select local vendors and suppliers that share the same high-standards as Lumberjack Tools and their quality reflects that common goal.


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