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Made in USA Can Opener (Black)

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This opener entered the marketplace in 1954. It was originally sold by the Swing A Way company. Some of these openers are still working 40 years on. They are made from carbon steel. Feature skip proof feed wheels and are gear driven. The cutter, gears and wheel are all heat treated and zinc plated. Newer, thicker and more comfortable pads have been added. This is the very same but slightly better great can opener. No compromise. No shortcuts. If there should be a problem at any time with your Made in USA Can Opener(TM) please contact us (click on Sold by 4 Peaks Technology LLC above and then click on Contact the Seller on the bottom right side of the new page). And it doesn’t matter how long ago you purchased your opener. We want to hear from you. These openers have a legendary reputation. This is not going to change.

  • Designed in 1954.
  • New style, thicker, very comfortable handle pads.
  • The handles and crank are made from 1008 carbon steel.
  • The cutter, feed wheel, and gears are heat treated and zinc plated.
  • With proper care these openers have a history of lasting for decades. Some for over 40 years. Wipe it clean,… don’t hand wash it, don’t rinse it, don’t put it the dishwasher.


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