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NURSES…Here to save your ass, not to kiss it!

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This unique ceramic wall or desk sign is handmade in the Mountain Meadows Pottery studio in Vermont, USA. It is a perfect gift for nurses both male and female, RN and LPN, BSN, UAP, MSN, APRN, NP, who have the sense of humor to laugh about how they get treated sometimes. Each pottery plaque is made individually out of soft clay. It is decorated carefully one at a time. We mix all our own clay and glazes, and every single ingredient we use comes from the USA. Mountain Meadows Pottery wall and desk tiles have sentimental and funny sayings about working, wine, friendship and family. There are also Christian and inspirational quotes for many occasions and holidays and Irish sayings. The copper wire allows it to be hung or stood up outside and the hand applied details are original artistic images created by artist Deborah Jurist. Mountain Meadows Pottery opened their Amazon Store in 2004, but we have been making and selling all kinds of pottery for over 30 years. Over the years, we have developed hundreds of sayings, creating new ones as the times change. When you make a purchase from Mountain Meadows Pottery on Amazon, you are buying only handmade items made in our Vermont, USA studio. We hope you will be impressed with the quality of our work.

  • Handmade ceramic wall or desk sign has a nice weight and feel. It shows the quality of being handmade.
  • This sign has a built in copper stand which can be used to hang it on the wall or stand it up anywhere, on a desk or counter.
  • Each sign is formed of soft pliable clay and decorated individually with original artistic images by Deborah Jurist. It is made of natural colored unglazed stoneware clay, with dark brown lettering.
  • PRODUCT SIZE 2.5″ x 5.5″ Mountain Meadows Pottery offers dozens of unique sayings. HANDMADE IN THE USA
  • The beautiful packaging uses sustainable materials. Its unique design will surprise and delight you.


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