2 PACK Podprop Universal Fit Smartphone View Stands for cell phones and other small portable electronic devices - Black - MADE IN USA

Podprop Universal Fit Smartphone View Stands for cell phones

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Product Description

The Podprop is a simple, one-piece stand that can be utilized by different kinds of smartphones and other small mobile devices. (Designed Just for Phones and Smaller Devices – Not Tablets or eReaders) It works great for iPhone 4s and prior models as well as most other like-sized electronic devices with view screens (BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Droids, LG, iPods, etc). The universal design means it doesn’t have to be replaced every time you get something new. This light, portable stand is easy to use and move around. Because it has no attached wires or imbedded connectors, you can quickly slip your device in and out. The not-too-tight sizing provides enough room for silicone or plastic cases. The Podprop is made of high-quality polyurethane foam – so it’s easy to clean and hard to break. The stand has some flex to it, and will snap back into shape if squeezed. The Podprop is ideal for: Portrait View – custom shape includes dips and curves to keep a portrait phone in place and make it easy to reach lower buttons. A channel in the bottom platform allows for Apple power connectors. Landscape View – devices placed in this position can be tilted from 45 to 90 degrees on the supporting front edge. FaceTime – iPhone 4 users will find this stand works great for hands-free video chat. A sturdy platform for your device when playing games, using Apps, or texting. It’s the perfect desk stand and can be easily picked up and used in other places like the kitchen, bedroom, etc.. Product specs: exterior size: diameter 3.75 inches, height 2.75 inches interior fit: devices up to 3 inches wide and 3/4 inch thick weight: 3 oz. materials: flexible polyurethane foam (BPA free) Made in the USA: The Podprop is made in America so we can assure that authentic, high-quality materials being used are both safe and environmentally compliant.

  • Fits iPhone 4s and prior models as well as most other mobile devices
  • Rest your device inside or on top – use devices in either portrait and landscape
  • Circular base is stable on irregular surfaces
  • Open channel on bottom facilitates power cords (iPhones) – providing a docking station capability that’s optional
  • One-piece BPA Free polyurethane construction is easy to clean and hard to break
  • Made in USA


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