Raticator Max Infrared Sensing Zapper, Humanely Exterminates Mice and Rats- Made in America

Raticator Max Infrared Sensing Zapper

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Product Description

  • Humanely exterminates both mice and rats
  • Breakthrough infrared sensing technology
  • Clean and easy to operate
  • Environmentally preferred-poison free
  • 50 Plus humane kills per set of batteries

RATICATOR MAX Electronic Rodent Trap With Infrared Sensing Technology

With the new Raticator Max you can humanely exterminate rats, mice or other rodents. The new Max utilizes a breakthrough infrared sensing system that detects the rodent’s presence. This patent pending technology coupled with enhanced solid state electronics and other progressive features provides you with a 100% humane kill rate combined with battery life of one year or 50 kills. The Raticator Max is your best choice in rodent control.

Easy Setup & Cleanup

With the Raticator Max you simply add 4 D batteries, bait and place the Max where you suspect the rodents are located. [tip: a little detective work can help determine where the rodent’s path is for best placement of the Max] The red indicator light on top will blink to inform you of a catch. Cleanup is easy; there is no blood or gore and no poisons to endanger your pets or the environment. You simply pick up the unit and slide the dead rodent into any appropriate receptacle – never touch a dead rodent again!

You Only Need One Trap

Owning the Raticator Max means you don’t need a trap for every rodent–or try to find out what is crawling around in your walls. The Max effectively dispatches rats, mice and other similar rodents preventing stress, property damage and serious health risks.

Designed For Performance & Durability

The new Max incorporates enhanced electronics including an advanced stainless steel kill plate design, a new solid state delivery system and infrared sensing technology which eliminates false alerts by sensing the body heat of the rodent and ensuring that whenever a rodent enters the Max it is humanely killed. Combining these features provides you with a trap unlike any other –guaranteed effectiveness, long term cost savings, and humane elimination of your rodent problem.

This latest model Raticator is built on 20+ years of previous successful models. Testing and customer feedback have affirmed Max as our best model yet. The fastest, surest way to get rid of your rodent problems once and for all.

Raticator benefits to customer:

• Cost savings–extended battery life, built to last

• Get rid of your rat/mouse problem –100% kill rate, very effective

• Easy to use –insert batteries, bait and place.

• Versatile –effective against Rats or Mice (other rodents too) you only have to buy one trap. No need to identify the rodent beforehand.

• Sanitary cleanup – no gore–humanely electrocutes rodents without adverse effects of traditional traps/poison.

• Keeps you safe and healthy, eliminate disease risk from rodents and never touch a dead rodent again. No snaps or poison lying around endangering children or pets.

• Raticator provides a humane, clean (no deformation or blood) kill meaning it does not scare away other rodents.

• Designed to look like a hiding place for rodents–much like where their nests are. Rodents do not have issues going in for the bait.

• Infrared technology eliminates false positives by sensing the body heat of the rodent and guarantees that whenever a rodent enters the trap it is humanely killed.


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