USA made Rocky S2V boot

Rocky Men’s 8 Inch S2v Fq0000102 Work Boot

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Get combat ready with the Rocky S2V 8.5″ Black Vented Military Boot! Built for quick maneuvers and fast-paced action, Rocky S2V boots are the choice for die-hard military professionals. Featuring flash resistant materials geared to protect your feet from quick flashes and rope burns. The Rocky S2V also has triple stitched uppers and Vibram wrap-around outsoles. And don’t let wet conditions bog you down. Inner drainage ports allow you to go amphibious by pushing water out of the boots allowing you to move full speed ahead.

Walk’em DryTM
Advanced S2V SieveTM technology circulates air in and water out so feet stay dry, cool, and comfortable even in the most severe conditions.

Roll-Stop Ankle StabilityTM
Unique rounded edge outsole ensures a stable foundation for every foot fall, dramatically reducing ankle injuries due to roll over.

Superior Drainage
Our new S2V SieveTM increases water dispersal and breathability by 300% over traditional drain plugs.

Made in USA


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