Sensorcon Tough, Waterproof, Made in USA: Certified Intrinsically Safe Carbon Monoxide Detector & Pump Kit

Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Detector & Pump Kit

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Product Description

Carbon Monoxide Inspector Industrial with Complete CO Meter & Analyzer Pump Kit Accurately measures CO gas concentrations from 0 – 1999 ppm Certified Intrinsically Safe to UL913 for Class I & II explosive hazardous environments The complete analyzer kit includes the Carbon Monoxide Inspector Industrial, a High quality certified intrinsically safe portable CO detector, a carrying case, and a hand aspirated pump & filter for sampling air or exhaust for CO. Designed & Made in the USA.

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  • Visual and audible alarms, Waterproof and rugged construction
  • Certified intrinsically safe
  • Includes hand pump for flue gas testing and storage case
  • Designed & Made in the USA, 100% satisfaction guarantee


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