Tasman's Natural Pet - Made in America - Bison Liver Dog Jerky Treats

Tasman’s Natural Pet Made in USA Bison Liver Jerky Dog Treats

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Tasman’s Bison Liver Jerky is made in the upper Midwest of the United States using small batch, artisan techniques. We only use antibiotic & hormone free Bison Liver when creating these treats. We use Bison Liver that was inspected and destined for restaurants or supermarkets. We then hand cut and slow roast/dehydrate at a low temperature for 6 hours. Our small batch, low temperature technique creates a slightly tender jerky that tends not to crack and crumble as most liver jerky treats you may have tried. No Preservatives, No Additives. Just Bison Liver. 3.25 oz We recommend using all of the product within 1 week of opening, or refrigerate after opening……. remember, no preservatives.

  • Made in USA of American Bison (NOT WATER BUFFALO FROM ASIA)
  • Sourced in USA – 3.25 oz
  • All Natural (including how the Bison are raised)
  • No preservatives or Additives
  • Antibiotic Free Hormone Free Bison Liver


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