Terramed Therapeutic Support Medical Grade Microfiber Knee Highs Stockings Firm Graduated Compression Socks Made in America

Terramed Therapeutic Support Knee Highs Stockings

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Product Description

Graduated compression legwear by Terramed is the most innovative compression hosiery available on the market.

A unique design and the highest-quality materials of our medical stockings provide an unbeatable combination of comfort, quality, affordability, and therapeutic effectiveness.

At Terramed we are committed to using eco-friendly materials to give your legs and veins healthy support and increase your energy.

The Terramed graduated compression hosiery assists your heart in circulating the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body.

The Terramed stockings have earned the doctors’ highest recommendations for:

– Vein procedure post-op patients (sclerotherapy, vein-stripping)
-Women during and after pregnancy
-People sitting or standing for extended periods of time
-Those traveling for many hours in car or airplane
-Anyone with family history of vein disorders such as
Varicose veins
Swollen aching feet and ankles (edema)
Venous insufficiency

  • Made in USA
  • Specialised microfiber fabric construction technology making them very comfortable to wear on a daily basis to fit both men and women.
  • Sitting or standing for extended periods of time. Long hours travel( car, airplane , train).Prevents Economy Class Syndrome (ECS) which occurs on long flight, due to traveler’s inactivity, gravity, and cramped seating, which slows down the blood flow through veins.
  • Swollen , aching feet and ankles.Pregnancy.
  • Designed to speed muscle recovery, treatment of varicose, improve endurance, and boost performance


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